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Shrine | Terrarium Kit

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The shrine is a DIY terrarium kit that puts a gorgeous piece of maple leaf rock at the centre of a luscious, verdant design.

This comes with everything you need to make your very own thriving microworld. We've handpicked each component to create a kit that's truly unique.


☆ 1 x Glassware
☆ 1 x Acrylic Lid
☆ Leca
☆ Activated Charcoal
☆ Substrate
☆ Stone (usually Maple Leaf Stone or Lava Rock)
☆ Mood Moss (dried)
☆ 2/3 x Plants
☆ Instructions


☆ Tool Kit
☆ Mister


★ H18cm
★ D12cm


★ As moss will arrive dried, please be sure to rehydrate it in water for 20 minutes prior to use.

★ Acrylic lid comes with pieces of film attached to protect. You will need to peel off the film.

★ Plants received as part of the kit will vary, but each shall be healthy and beautiful.

★ If you encounter any problems with your plants upon receipt, please get in touch.