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Prism | Geometric Terrarium

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Introducing prism – a geometric, zero maintenance terrarium handmade using stabilised moss, real spiderwood and stone. The prism has a door that opens you into a deep green world. Every prism is unique and each captures the dense, mysterious atmosphere of a tropical rainforest or hidden jungle. A wonderful addition to the home or workplace for lovers of nature.Set atop your mantlepiece, or display alongside your coffee table books. DIMENSIONS: Option 1) 15cm x 10cm x 10cm
Option 2) 19cm x 12cm x 12cm
Option 3) 25cm x 16cm x 16cm 

PLEASE NOTE: ☆ The rear of the terrarium’s glassware is blacked out. ☆ Do not water or mist this terrarium – will result in yellowing. ☆ Do not expose this terrarium to constant direct sunlight. ☆ Keep in a well-aerated room in low humidity.