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This assembled cacti / succulent based terrarium planter is 20cm in height. It features a striking, crisp layering that along with it's desert-coloured substrtate and oxblood red stones come together to form a view of a sunset at an oases. 

The pictures given are samples, meaning the terrarium we shall create for you will be similar but not exactly like the images shown.

Please note:

* Our terrariums come with personalised care instructions, so you know exactly how to keep the ecosystem healthy.

* Although our terrariums are always put through at least a two week incubation period to ensure plants / mosses are settled and acclimatised, plants + positioning may alter slightly from photos at the time of receipt, but don't worry - we always make sure they look intricate and natural.

* If any of the plants die within 3 weeks of purchase, we will send you replacement plants in the post for free (Which may not be the exact same as the originals) providing all instructions have been followed.