150ml Neem Oil - Pure or Spray Options Available

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Sometimes, as closely as we follow instructions and take care of our terrariums, due to the closed environment, there is always a risk that mould and/or fungus will appear. It is better to prevent this from happening in the first place, and our neem oil and distilled water mix can help. With any closed terrarium products, from mosses to tropical plants, we recommend spraying this a few times every couple of weeks. If mould appears later on, spray the neem oil mix, leave your terrarium open for a few days until the mould starts to disappear, and then close it again.

Neem Oil Mix:

This includes the right proportion of neem oil to distilled water to liquid soap, which comes in a glass bottle ready for you to use straight away.

Pure neem oil:

This is 150ml of pure neem oil, that you can either use as a base for your own water sprays, or if you'd like to experiment with other essential oils. It comes in a glass bottle with an aluminium screw cap.