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Terrarium Kits

Explore our entire range of terrarium kits

Already have your own glassware?

Our selection of partial kits in various sizes are perfect for filling up your terrarium if you already have the glassware. Here are some of our options.

Starting from scratch?

Explore our range of terrarium kits that include the terrarium glassware

Ready Made Terrariums

If you (or a loved one) are based in Bristol or Edinburgh, we have a selection of remarkably crafted terrariums that have been ready built for you.

Some of these are available for local collection only, so please read the description carefully.

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"Very happy with my purchase thanks, have been having fun making terrariums and this was just what I needed. Difficult to find sold separately and at a good place. Thank you very much!"

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"I am so pleased with this order, such good value for money and a good selection, thank you. Contact from the seller was very positive."

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Review taken from Etsy

"Great little terrarium kit for a beginner just like me! Thank you :)"

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Review taken from Etsy

Product of the week

Every week we choose a new product to highlight.

This week we bring you these handmade geometric glass terrariums courtesy of Marcs Glass. Enjoy them with our range of succulent and cactus terrarium kits for this glassware to shine in its full glory!

How to build your terrarium.

Click below for our PDF manual with a step-by-step guide on how to make a terrarium

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