3L Open Bottle Garden Terrarium Substrate Kit

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If you are looking for a contemporary take on the classic bottle garden terrarium, and would like to explore open succulent/cacti terrariums, consider this gorgeous in-between! With a cork stopper, this bottle garden terrarium has an open space in its belly, in case you love the bottle look but would like to experiment with cacti and succulent arrangements. Avoid over-watering, and ensure that soil dries out between waterings, and you should be able to nurture your arrangement and see it thrive!

Alternatively, if you'd like a leafier, foliage look, feel free to plant tropical, humidity-loving plants, and ensure that you keep an eye on the terrarium, watering it as appropriate. This will require more frequent watering as it is open so is not recommended for beginner terrarium artists.

This kit includes pebbles, carbon, soil and terrarium tools. Plants must be bought separately.