COMPLETE Cactus/Succulent Hexagonal Pentagon Terrarium Kit

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UK Terrariums by Lusan presents to you our latest geometric terrarium model in this premium golden-bronze colour. We have designed this kit with its open nature in mind - perfect for succulents, cacti or a mix of both. Once you've spent some time creating and planting your mini landscape, you will have a piece of living art to nurture for years to come and brighten up your living or office spaces. The combination of the sharp clean lines of the geometric style and the earthy aesthetic of the planted miniature garden is truly something to behold. This would make a perfect gift - either as a kit for your recipient to create themselves, or made up with love by you to give them something ready made. Either way, the result is more beauty in the world.

This kit includes everything you need to make this terrarium:

  • Glass geometric terrarium
  • 1 cup pebbles
  • 3/4 cup charcoal
  • 1/2 cup sphagnum moss
  • 2 heaping cups soil
  • 1 bag of sand
  • Plants: 3 succulents/cacti or mixed (choose from the options)
  • Accessories: handful of rocks

The bags the substrates come in are biodegradable. They will be labelled and accompanied by a beautiful printed instruction manual, carefully wrapped in our premium recyclable tissue paper for a luxurious unboxing experience. The perfect gift.