The Globe by Lusan

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Enjoy this magnificent table top glass globe terrarium (10.5inches/27cm in diameter) for a stunning statement piece in your home. Fill it with whatever makes your heart happy, or consider one of our XL succulent/cactus kits to plant inside it. If you're purchasing the kit, why not add a set of tools to make it even easier for you to create your own miniature world?

We recommend adding the XL cactus, succulent or mixed terrarium kits, which contain everything you need, including necessary substrates:
  • 4 cups pebbles
  • 3 cups carbon
  • 2 cups sphagnum moss
  • 7 heaping cups soil
  • Plants: 7 succulents/cacti/combination of the two.
  • Accessories: handful of rocks, one bag of sand
+Recommended: decorative, dyed reindeer moss.+Recommended: terrarium tools

The bags the substrates come in are biodegradable. They will be labelled and accompanied by a beautiful printed instruction manual, carefully wrapped in our premium recyclable tissue paper for a luxurious unboxing experience. The perfect gift.