Much Ado About Coffee: The Claudio (250g)

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You might wonder why on earth there's a bag of coffee for sale on an online terrarium shop but hear us out. Not only do we want to share this wonderful creation, blended by the coffee maestros over at the small, family-run Choose Coffee, with as many people as possible; we also happen to love coffee almost as much as we love plants (almost...!) We think there is no more natural pairing than a steaming sip (or cold, if that's how you roll) of perfectly brewed coffee with as soothing an art as making a terrarium. So we wanted to offer you the chance to replicate that experience in your own home.

For a special discount of 10% off this bag of ground coffee, add this to your basket with ANY of our kits. Trust us, you won't regret it. When you finish, head over to Choose Coffee and enter the special discount code we'll include with your order for yet another discount with your first order. We believe in supporting small businesses, and in small businesses supporting each other.

The technical specs:

Tasting Notes: 100% Arabica – Caramelised sugar sweetness, notes of almonds, toast and dark chocolate. Heavy bodied and subtle dried fruits in the finish.