Orb Terrarium Kit

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Product Description

We have partnered with the very talented Joe fromome (follow him on IG @ome.home) to offer you this unique and exclusive complete terrarium DIY kit in an orb that you can make from the comfort of your own home, based on his wonderful design.

The materials chosen for this kit allow for a high quality and beautiful design that you can recreate yourself, including stunning dragon stone, nutritious aquarium soil and specially selected vibrant plants. This kit comes with everything you need, from the substrates up to the hardscape materials, moss, plants and of course the glassware itself. Detailed instructions are included, and we’re also giving you the option to purchase your very own terrarium tools!

Whether you know someone who’d love to experiment with terrariums or are keen to flex your own green digits, this kit can be built by anyone.

This complete closed terrarium kit includes:

1) Base layer of gravel
2) Activated Charcoal

3) Sphagnum moss
4) Aquarium Soil
5) Dragon Stone
6) Plants (usually Hemionitis Arifolia, Microssrum Pteropus, Pilea Moon Valley - though species may differ depending on availability and you might not receive exactly these plants).

7) Carpet and cushion moss
8) Closed glass orb with cork lid (H:24cm D:21cm)


Terrarium tools

Spray bottle